• TS3228 is the upgraded model from TS3220. It improves the mechanism at the low B with the adjustable screw, which provides faster response to the key. It also use better parts like the upgraded PISONI pads.

    This instrument retains the advantage on TS3220 with solid construction and expressive tonality, keeps the elegance of the TS3220 with comfortable playing experiences. More information about the model TS3220 (click).

  • Improved mechanism

    An adjustable screw at the low B which provides faster response to the key


    Upgraded Pisoni pads

    Series : Antigua
    Key : Bb
    Construction : Fully ribbed
    Auxiliary Keys : High F# key
    Thumb Hook : Adjustable (brass)
    Neck Material : Yellow brass
    Body Material : Yellow brass
    Bell Material : Yellow brass
    Pads & Resonators : PISONI pads& metal resonators
    Bell Decoration : Hand engraved
    Finish : Lacquered body and keys