• The Antigua Bb Clarinet CL3233 is an upgraded clarinet from our standard clarinet model, with modification on redesigned barrel, adjustable thumb rest and better Pisoni pads as well. This clarinet continued our tradition on using the best raw material such as the premium grade granadilla wood and the power-forged keys.

    For the newly modified features, the redesigned barrel was being tested by numerous professional players, teachers and even students as well. This barrel was recommended and voted by most of the testers, because of easy blowing and well balanced tonality throughout the registers. The adjustable thumb rest gives the player option to adjust and get the best position when playing. We use better Pisoni pads that seals better and last longer.

    This clarinet continued our tradition on using the best raw material, which we had selected the premium grade grenadilla wood, proper aged and controlled on the humidity and carefully selected on the density of the best wood. The power forged keys strengthen the durability of the instrument.

  • Premium grade grenadilla wood body
    All wood body components are properly aged in controlled settings. 

    Newly designed barrel with numerous testing among professional players in Europe, USA and Asia.

    Keys and tone holes
    Power-forged nickel silver keys. CNC under-cut tone holes.

    Traditional white Pisoni pads

    Thumb Rest
    Adjustable / 3 Screw Thumb Rest With Strap Ring

    Series : Antigua
    Key : Bb
    Fingering and Key System : Boehm 17 keys 6 rings
    Barrel Length : 65mm
    Body Material : Grenadilla wood
    Key Material : The CL3233 is available with silver-plated keys as model CL3233S and with nickel-plated keys as model CL3233N.
    Toneholes : Undercut
    Thumb rest : Adjustable / 3 Screw Thumb Rest With Strap Ring