• The new Antigua Pro TS4260 saxophones are crafted by artisans from a special alloy material. This material comes as a result of painstaking research and development to create quick and accurate response, wide dynamic range, and centered, well focused tone. Our extensive research with professional saxophonists resulted in an alloy with the composition of post war French saxophones. We source this new alloy from a mill which uses only the highest quality refined ores to create the purest alloys available.

    Our engineering team then created an annealing process which emulates the acoustical properties professionals demand. The result is the new AntiguaPro TS4260 saxophones which are at home in any genre or musical setting.   

    Our engineers researched the ergonomics of the saxophone keyboard and made subtle but significant changes to improve the "feel" and improve the interaction between musician and instrument. In addition, the Antigua Pro TS4260 is equipped with temper-blued steel needle springs which provide the saxophonist with precise, nimble key action.

    The new artistically designed key guards and hand engraving add to the visual appeal of this stunning new saxophone. The new Antigua Pro TS4260 saxophone is an impressive work of visual and performing art.

  • Gold Brass Material
    The Gold brass, A.K.A. French brass,  material helps the saxophone to create accurate response and strong resonance

    New design key guards
    The brand new designed key guards bring the new visual experience and help to deliver the stable low-pitched  

    Blue steel needle springs
    Blue steel springs provide a faster, more sensitive key response

    PISONI high end pad
    PISONI high end pad makes the tone clear and provides an excellent playing responses  

    Adjustable metal thumb hook
    Thumb hook allows for precise and comfortable hand and fingering positions

    Ergonomic key shape
    With the ergonomic shape, the new designed key shape allows the players to hold the saxophone in a more natural manner
    Series : Antigua Pro
    Key : Bb
    Construction : Fully ribbed
    Auxiliary Keys : High F# key
    Thumb Hook : Adjustable (metal)
    Neck Material : French brass
    Body Material : French brass
    Bell : French brass
    Spring Type : Blue steel needle spring
    Pad Type : PISONI high end pad
    Key Buttons : Mother pearl shell
    Bell Decoration : Hand engraved
    Mouthpiece : 4C
    Finish : Clear lacquered body and keys