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Ricky Coates

A Western New York native, Ricky Coates has been performing in multiple groups ranging from Ska/Punk to Reggae to Rock to Classical, and even Jazz since 2005. After getting his feet wet with a few smaller coastal tours and obtaining his Bachelor's Degree from SUNY Fredonia, Ricky joined up with New Jersey Pop Punk/Ska dynamos, Survay Says! as a full time touring member.More.

With 208 shows in 2013 and 150 shows in 2012, it is easy to see Survay Says! is a hard working band who does not plan on slowing down any time soon. Their newest album, Observations of the Human Condition, comes out in April 2014 and will be a breath of fresh air to what most consider a tired genre.

Ricky has played on Antigua trumpets for over a decade. He enjoys their tone as well as their light weight feel which makes them easier to perform with, especially during the antics that occur during a Survay Says! live set. It is definitely something you have to witness first hand to fully understand!