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Alex Dart

Multi-instrumentalist, Alex Dart, is a native of Somerdale, NJ. Since the age of 2 and numerous little kid accordion lessons (which lasted until the age of 3), Alex has been constantly improving his craft and broadening his musical horizon. Throughout his time at Triton Regional High School in Runnemede, NJ, Dart was in almost every musical ensemble available, local/state-wide honors bands playing tenor sax, baritone sax, bassoon, clarinet as well as bass guitar and was also the recipient of the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award as a high school senior. During his senior year, Dart got accepted as a bassoon major to Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ.More.

In the fall of 2013, after spending a couple of semesters in Rowan's music program and playing in almost every ensemble possible yet again, Alex decided he wanted to take some time off from school to tour playing tenor saxophone with his Ska/Pop-Punk band, No Such Noise from Sicklerville, NJ. This decision was based on many factors but mostly due to the fact that he wants to tour the country as well as the rest of the world while he's still at the young age of 21. After four tours, Alex knew that he was finally getting to live out his lifelong dream of touring in a band and that tenor saxophone was his instrument of choice from here on out.

Now in 2014 and fresh off a month long winter tour, Dart is already set for No Such Noise's 5 week full U.S. summer tour. This tour is the most extensive one yet, but Dart says "I'm finally excited to get over to the west coast. The music scene over there is incredible and I can't wait to bring some East Coast Ska to California as well as represent Antigua Winds across the country."

Dart currently uses a copper TS4240 and thinks its full range and powerful sound blends perfectly with No Such Noise's diverse Ska/Pop-Punk sound. Catch him and the rest of No Such Noise in a city near you soon. Their high-energy live show will make you think it's the 90's all over again!